What to Look Out For When Buying Hand Sanitizers: A Guide

2020 has been a fairly crazy year, to say the least, and with COVID-19 spreading like an invisible wildfire at the speed of a bullet, you really do need to know how to keep safe. Hand sanitisers can only do so much in the fight against the virus, however, if you use the right hand sanitiser, you can be reassured that you’ll be much better placed to keep fit and healthy.

Now that were are well equipt to deal with the virus you can buy hand sanitiser bulk quantities for a much cheaper price and ding so will save you a small fortune. We have plenty of this

What is the best hand sanitizer to keep me safe?

Protect 75+ is probably one of the most effective formulations in the market. The alcohol content is 75% meaning it’s a powerful hand sanitiser and has been proven to inactive the COVID-19 virus within 30 seconds. It is made in an EU GMP certified facility based in Wales, where medicinal packaging and cannabis products are made. The factory is audited by the MHRA dept every 2 years and they test each batch to ensure the right levels of alcohol are in the formulation. They have been specially permitted by the HSE dept to manufacture this formulation, which goes to show that if they have the backing of the MHRA and the HSE departments then they really are creating something worthwhile.

What not to buy…

There are many many cheap hand sanitisers that have flooded the market. From overseas suppliers in Turkey, China and elsewhere. Many of these formulations entering the UK market do not have the correct paperwork to be allowed to sell in the UK legally. Yet, what’s worse is that the formulations do not have high levels of alcohol. Meaning, if people are using these formulations then the virus will not be stopped and the virus will spread even further. This is very worrying and until a strict policy is put in place by governments then this will sadly continue to become a threat to our population. The cheaper the hand santisers then the more unsafe they are to consumers.

Look at the packaging

If you want to see the difference between a good hand sanitizer that will stop the virus and a bad sanitiser that will spread the virus, you simply have to look closely at the packaging its in.

If you can clearly see the formulation has over 65% alcohol content, it is great. If the packaging has warning symbols and fire safety content on the label then this is also good. You must be able to clearly see “kills 99.9999% of bacteria” on the label so you know that this formulation has been fully tested in a lab. And along with it you should speak with the manufacturer to see if they have to have EN 1276 and EN 13727 tests performed on the finished product. If, so then you really are in good hands (pardon the pun).

If you cannot see either of the above on the packaging then you must not buy it and must not use it!

Talen Lee
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