Everything You Need to Know About Throwing the Perfect Themed Wedding

Have you been inspired by the beautiful themed weddings that other people have thrown? If so, you probably want one for your own big day now. However, themed weddings aren’t exactly a walk in the park. They require meticulous planning and careful consideration. Otherwise, everything might fall apart at the seams or look somewhat tacky. But don’t worry because we’re here to help. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about throwing the perfect themed wedding. First, make sure to check out this wedding planning guide so you know all the basics before delving into the details with us.

Select the Theme

Before anything else, you need to choose your theme. You should put a lot of thought and consideration into this because it will impact everything about your wedding, but especially your budget. With this being said, there are no limits when it comes to the actual theme. It’s your big day and so you have complete creative liberty; it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. Here are some popular examples of wedding themes to inspire you. Firstly, people often like to go with one specific colour scheme, such as blue and white. Others might enjoy something a little more theatrical like a nautical or nature-themed wedding. It’s also popular to choose a specific aesthetic for your big day. This could be vintage, classic, rustic or elegant.

Coordinated Clothes

Now you have selected your theme, it’s time to get into the details. Let’s start with what clothing the bride, groom, bridesmaids and best men will be wearing. You should try to coordinate everyone’s outfits with your wedding theme, so everything ties together nicely. For example, if you have chosen a royal purple as the primary colour, have the best men wear purple bowties and the bridesmaid wear purple dresses. Regarding the wedding dress, try choosing accessories which subtly hint at the theme, too. This might be purple earrings, a delicate amethyst necklace, ectara. Of course, don’t go over the top with things. Subtlety is always key. A professional party planner should help you to find this balance. It’s also worth writing about the event’s theme in your wedding invitation, encouraging guests to dress accordingly.

Appropriate Decoration

Decoration is another major component when it comes to throwing a themed wedding. Remember, though – less is more. Don’t be too overt with the theme because otherwise everything might start to look a little tacky. Instead, we recommend décor which will subtly accent the event. If you are throwing a natural wedding, for instance, dotting twilight trees around the venue would be an elegant way to emanate the aesthetic. A bohemian themed wedding, on the other handle, might benefit from a marquee tent. Adding table decorations is also a brilliant way to enhance your theme without being over the top. This might include sprinkling seashells on the spread if your wedding has a nautical aesthetic.

Food and Drink

It’s worth considering the food and drink at your wedding if you would like to really hone down your theme. For starters, think about the beverages you want to serve. If your wedding is tropical-themed, drinks like rum and mango juice would suit the event nicely. The same applies to your food. Traditional weddings might want to rely on classic meals, such as seasonal salads. Finally – and most importantly – think about the wedding cake. Try to incorporate your theme into its decoration. For example, what colour ribbon would you tie around the cake’s base? What type of icing will you use? Would you like to add edible flowers? You should consider the flavour of the cake, too. Most couples choose the classic vanilla, but you could have something bolder. We think passionate fruit is perfect for those who have chosen a whimsical theme, while lemon drizzle could really suit a naturalist wedding.

Wedding Venue

Your venue will significantly affect the aesthetic and atmosphere of your wedding, so we recommend spending quite a bit of time mulling over your options before deciding on something. There are also some key considerations we would like to draw your attention to. Firstly, think about the location of your wedding venue. Will the surrounding area effectively convey your theme? For example, a nautical wedding would very much suit the beach, but traditional weddings would be out of place. Next, you should look at the architecture of the venue. Different places have a different ambience about them. Modern weddings would definitely be appropriate in a fancy skyscraper – but certainly not naturalist or bohemian weddings. It’s also important to remember that each venue will have specific decorations within the building. Some of these things can’t be changed, such as the style of chandelier.

Suitable Entertainment

Don’t forget about the entertainment for your themed wedding! After all, weddings are – at their heart – a celebration with your loved ones. There are several different things to account for when arranging entertainment. Firstly, think about the kind of music you would like to be played at the event. Some people who prefer informal weddings would be more than happy with the cheesy party classic. However, if you have a specific wedding theme in mind, you should choose the music accordingly. We suggest hiring live bands if you want a more sophisticated and elegant affair. Don’t forget about the genre of music and how this might affect your wedding’s aesthetic. Folk songs would be perfect for those with a naturalist or bohemian wedding theme. Moving on, have you considered organising a firework show for your reception? These are a perfect way to end any celebration. We also recommend choosing entertainers based on how well they suit your wedding theme. For example, a magician would be a little out of place at an elegant wedding. A live jazz band, on the other hand, could be perfect.

That’s everything you need to know about organising a themed wedding. We hope you have some more ideas and inspiration now.

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