Why Doing A CCTV Drain Survey Necessary For The Pipes?

The adaption of advanced technologies like digital cameras, remote-controlled crawlers, and live video analysis has modified the CCTV drain survey. CCTV drain survey is the most reliable way to examine and check the condition of drains.

What Is A CCTV Drain Survey?

CCTV drain survey is a process of examining the state of the drains with the help of high-tech cameras and sending live reporting at that time plus records other data.

Common Problems Observed In Drainage Pipes.

CCTV drain survey is an evident tool in drainage cleaning. A drain survey is done to check the condition or to check any underlying issue in the drains. It is put to use to check for any intruders in the drainage pipes. The surveys deliver multiple services plus review the drainage canals. The survey system helps to identify both major and minor issues involved. London CCTV Drain Survey offers one of the best services in the survey. From animal intrusion to collapsed drains, they will provide you the best services. The survey helps in finding the following issues.

  • Collapsed Sewer Lines
  • Tree Root Infestation
  • Blockages
  • Animal Intrusion
  • Damaged Pipes
  • Corrosion Of Drains

Equipment Used In Drain Survey.

The equipment used in surveys is highly advanced which comprises different types of tools.

1. High Tech Waterproof Cameras

The cameras used in this function in utmost conditions, so it needs to be waterproof. The cameras give access to drains which is not that easy to access.

2. Crawlers

Crawlers are remotely accessed devices, which will provide quick access to the drainage system. Crawlers allow the camera to be mounted at the top and are used in multiple designs.

3. Rods

Cameras function together with rods; they get tied together that will allow the rod to move in different directions. These rods are flexible which can operate in extreme positions. Rods are prominent equipment in CCTV Drain Survey.

4. Sonar Units

Sonar units are used for those pipes where cameras can’t reach. In these situations, sonar points are sent to get an insight into the drain pipes.

Process Of Drain Survey

The process starts by choosing the best survey company that will fulfill your needs. The company will send their engineer to discuss the issues and will then set up the necessary survey equipment. According to your drainage system, the engineer will send the camera into the drains. The camera will provide a real understanding of the drainage by sending real-time images. London CCTV Drainage Survey has the best engineers for all your drainage survey needs. The engineer will examine the condition of the drains by giving honest feedback on drains. Then they will identify if any blockage or breakage is there in the drainage. The engineer will give his review on the drains and will tell you about the necessary action which needs to be taken. Either the cleaning of drains or the repair works will come as feedback. CCTV survey method is an excellent method to clean the drainage channels.

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