Using Lateral Cutters For The Drains And Their Benefits

Getting the drains cleaned is not easy to manage, and to reduce the stress, picote cutter companies come to the rescue. A picote cutter is a lateral cutter that can clean out the waste stuck in drains. Garbage such as tree logs, cement, pin, etc., which can’t be cleaned by the water, is cleaned by a picote cutter. Picote Cutters come in various sizes and shapes to suit the size of pipes. Some years back cheap quality pitch fibre drains were used, it was cheap and low in quality.

This kind of fibre was widely used between the 1950s to 1970s. But with time, the quality of drains has changed, a lateral cutter will not affect the drains. Twisted and spider lateral cutters, can clean PVC pipes and also will not damage the pipe. Therefore if you are worried about the clogged drains, it might be the old pitch fibre drains. Either it’s time to get them changed and to get them cleaned. If you want them to get cleaned, using a picote cutter is the best option for you.

Types Of Picote Lateral Cutters

1. Regular Cutters

This type of cutter is perfect to use for PVC fibres, as it will not damage the walls of the pipe. Regular cutters can be used for any pipe and will also clean out dirt like short tree logs, sand, pins, etc. One kind of cutter in this category is a twisted cutter which is used for delicate drains.

2. Premium Cutters

Premium cutters are used for bigger drains, as they are double the size of regular channels. The increased surface area of this cutter allows cleaning possible for bigger-sized drains. The metal use in a premium cutter is more durable than a typical cutter which allows proper cleaning.

Benefits Of Using Lateral Cutter

The usage of picote cutters offers numerous benefits, an easy cleaning process. Cutter blades can clean the dirt and garbage stuck in the pitch fibre drains, which can jam the channels. A lateral cutter is safe and budget-friendly to use.

The services that a picote cutter company provides are affordable and effective. The lateral blades can cut tree logs, concrete, pins, metal residue, timber, etc. The cutter cleans the drains wholly and loosens up the clogged waste.

How Do Lateral Cutters Clean The Pipes?

It might come as confusion as to, how a small metal plate set together can clean out clogged drains. Yet it is planned in a way that they can clean the channels. A picote cutter is a flexible tool that can fit into any size and shape of the pipe.

Few other factors of using a picote cutter are that it is flexible and that it can work on any type of matter being it PVC, concrete, or clay. Picote cutters are also customizable and can be made to function with any other accessory. The technology used in the blade allows it to travel through without damaging the walls.

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