Thinking about Taco Catering? Seven Questions you should ask a Taco Caterer

Good planning means asking as numerous questions upfront out of the box prudent. Better you know limitations ahead of time – and possibly negotiate a much better package.

Event planners, whether it is for corporate or family occasions, cash to consider: Who’s coming, what’s the event about, how will it be memorable or motivate attendees to behave?

Recently, a minumum of one question has become bigger: Where are we able to contain the event? Previously, that frequently revolved around the supply of the on-site kitchen.Great!

But with tacos offered from the mobile kitchen – most mobile taco caterers have a lot of, so that a celebration serving a sizable crowd may have stations setup round the periphery – you will find questions that needs to be requested beyond menu and cost. This is a narrow your search:

1. What types of healthy taco choices would you provide?

Tacos could be a complete meal, one that includes a good mixture of protein, carbs and fiber, with a lot of quality nutrients within. Make sure to accommodate gluten-free visitors.

2. What else could you let me know concerning the freshness of the ingredients?

Some caterers may go from frozen ingredients yet others from the fresh produce market. It is good to possess some dialog about this.

3. What certifications does your organization have?

Different towns and metropolitan areas have different rules regarding taco caterers. Ask to make certain your caterers have been in compliance with local laws and regulations and they are insured and licensed.

4. Besides the existing menu, can one add an component or food selection?

What’s awesome about tacos is the versatility. If you would like calamari or poultry tacos, ask!

5. Do you know the rules of bar service?

Many taco catering firms offer an optional margarita bar or any other beverage service. Some don’t have the proper licensing to do this.

6. How can i see feedback from past customers of the service and product?

You are able to talk to Yelp! or any other review services, although everybody knows there might be misrepresentation in online reviews. You could possibly phone a real previous customer to find out if these were pleased with the service.

7. What goes on around the event day, from beginning to end?

Pre-plan the way it happens – how the caterers arrive, combined with the margarita bar, which requires its very own setup – when service begins and ends, and just what happens when it comes to cleanup.

Event planners, professionals in addition to private party hosts, will be able to enjoy a celebration once it’s going ahead. By asking all of the important questions upfront, there is a far better possibility of really doing that.

Talen Lee
the authorTalen Lee