How to Motivate a Translator?

Working as a translator is a graceful job. You get to work with international clients, enhance your linguistic capability, and mould the source document as you choose. However, the repetition in the translation industry can make things more complicated than they are already are. Here are a few suggestions for a translator can stay motivated to feel lively again.

Alter your setting

If you are a freelance translator, you don’t have to leave early mornings in winter for the office. It is truly a blessing. However, working from the same setting can make a Polish translator much unmotivated to proceed with work. We understand you don’t have to worry about being late, and you are a one-person band, too, but here is more to the equation.

After repeatedly working in the same setting, go to a local coffee shop or a juice bar to resume work. You can also drive to the local library to work in a quiet environment. Changing the scenery around you will make you feel more motivated and curious.

Network/ participate in industry events

We could argue travelling to coffee shops is not the only way to escape home from work as a translator. Consider travelling to translation events to sharpen your skills and network. You can go with your project manager and work colleagues if you work in an office.

If your region is under lockdown, look for virtual events to join. Regardless of the venue, you can learn from other translators attending the event. You will hear client-related stories or even learn new shortcuts to perform translations. Experiences like these will inspire you to work harder and achieve success.

Take time off!

You are not a machine. A Polish translator requires some time off. We encourage you to take a day off here and there to keep yourself refreshed and less stressed than usual. If you want tocompletely disassociate, completely shut off and unplug laptops and phones for a period of self-refection.

Indulge in reading, baking, or going for a walk. Do things that make you happy because it is back to routine once the day is over. However, one thing is for sure! When you return to work, your energy levels will be through the roof, and you will tackle projects from different perspectives.

Push yourself

It may be scary to branch out into newer forms of translations, but it can be done. As with anything, the initial few translations will be challenging, but you will learn with experience. A Polish translator working on translating personal documents can diversify into book or market translations.

The diversified skillset will make you valuable to the employer. The project manager may ask for your input often too. Furthermore, add each translation into your portfolio to attract more clients. All these practices will encourage you to push your boundaries.

Find new interests

Lastly, a translator must keep revising their own goals to stay motivated. These goals can be life or work-related. Regardless, it will give you something to look forward to. The aims can include learning a new language, taking on more projects, or climbing the corporate ladder.

However, these goals can be completely unrelated to work too. You can take pottery classes, glass blowing, jewellery making, or rock climbing. The primary intention is to get out of your comfort zone or hectic routine to become creative. It will distract you from work-related issues and make you a multi-talented individual.

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