How Can You Locate Someone Missing in Your Life?

Trying to reconnect with someone who has been missing in your life for a while now can be a task.

That said are you willing to try all the resources at your disposal to track them down?

Knowing you have exhausted options will at least leave you feeling a little better in that you tried.

Along the way, you may well find that person and reconnect should they choose to do so.

With that in mind; how best to go about locating someone?

Internet is a Good Starting Point

When you hope to find one who has been out of your life over a period of time, the web can prove to be a good starting point.

As an example, if missing someone in the UK, you could go the Internet and do a UK public records search.

Such a search can move you closer to locating the individual through a check of online records.

While online, also look to social media to possibly help you out.

Many people are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other such sites. As a result, the individual you want to locate could have one or more social media accounts.

The Internet is also an option if the person has been in the news as of late.

Everything from activities related to work to other actions may be noted online. This can be they were in the news for receiving a reward or something along the lines.

Although you hate to think it, the person may also have their name online if they ran afoul of the law. As such, their name came up in an online police blotter.

By using the Internet to do some detective work, you can be that much closer to finding someone in your life.

Turn to Family and Friends

In your search for someone, there may also be the option of turning to family and friends to help track them down.

Someone who knows the person may be in contact with them. As a result, they could provide you with a phone number, mailing address, email and more.

Another thought would be turning to their last place of employment that you are aware of.

While most employers will not give out personal info on workers, one they worked with may be in touch with them. They could pass your contact info along to the individual should they choose to reach out to you.

Do They Want to Hear from You?

Finally, you will have to think about if the person you want to find does want to hear from you or anyone else.

Yes, some people over time seem to go and vanish from the face of the Earth for one reason or another.

Think about the individual and if they might want to be away from anyone and anything for a while or even for good. If that is the case, you may have to come to grips with it.

In trying to locate one missing from your life either a short time or years, what steps will you take to try and find them?

Talen Lee
the authorTalen Lee