How Best to Connect with Someone from Your Past?

When looking to connect with someone from your past, how would you tend to go about it?

While you might use options such as networking with people you both have known over time, how about the web? Yes, going online can make it easier to track down the person you’d like to re-establish some sort of connexion with.

So, is it time to get on your computer or smartphone and do some Internet searching?

Can You Find Someone You Are Searching for?

In your efforts to find one from your past and hopefully reconnect with them, here are a few pointers to help you out:

  1. Get online and do some digging – When you want to move a step closer to finding one, make the web your first option. For example, if searching for one with ties to Great Britain, go online and proceed with an address finder in the UK. Doing a search of public and private databases can often lead you to the info. You may be able to discover what area the person’s current or last residency is. You might find a recent phone number or email address while searching. The goal is to find whatever relevant information there is when you want to reach out to them.
  2. Turn to family and friends – Do you have any contact with the person’s family and friends? In the event you do, this can also move you closer to being able to reach out to someone. For example, you may be looking to reconnect with someone you went to school with back in the day. Over time, you lost touch with them as does happen often. So, if you have a parental contact or a mutual friend or two, try reaching out to them. They may well have a current phone number, email address and more that they’d be willing to pass along to you. In the event they choose not to give you such contact information, be respectful of their wishes.
  3. Will you look to social networking? – Another option to think about would be using social media. Yes, given all the people on social media, there is a good chance you can find one you want to reconnect with there. Amongst the most popular social sites would be Facebook and Instagram. Have you done any online dating as of late? If so, there is a good chance social media entered into the picture. That is because you can be making online dating safer for you by chequing a one’s social media if they are on there. Unless the account is locked or has not been updated in a while, odds are it will help you learn more about them. So, even if not looking to date someone, visit their social media profile if given the chance.

The public info they put out there could help you connect with them should both parties agree to do so.

In finding how to best connect with someone from your past, will you let the Internet help you out?

Talen Lee
the authorTalen Lee